Our Wirral Cattery

A Wirral Cattery with 5 StarsOur luxury cattery is comfortable, spacious, well ventilated, insulated from the elements and is secure.

Each cat has a room as its own private area. Cats are never mixed unless they are from the same family. We provide specialist care and attention to your cat's every need.

Whether you're going away for the weekend, a week, or two, even a couple of months, you need to know that your cat is being cared for. Our aim to ensure your cat is kept safe, healthy, and happy whilst staying at Acorn Lodge.

The cattery is designed to cater to the needs and comfort of your cats.

We feel we have achieved this to a standard which is the very best on the Wirral. Our licence from WBC is 5* which is the highest that can be achieved.

Name: Moira Pritchard
Licence Number: 217024683

Every Cat is an Individual

Every single cat that we have the pleasure of caring for is respected for being an individual. During your cat's stay with us we get to know them and we strive to build relationship with them. Whether they are playful, shy, boisterous and adventurous or just simply love to snooze

We pride ourselves in providing a warm and home like environment that makes your cat's stay with us a pleasurable experience.

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